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It all starts with your desire for change. An all-round renovation for a family-run wellness hotel on a picturesque lake. Enriching the city with an exciting trendy pub. Making an office space more attractive for employees.  As diverse as the visions of our customers are, we know how to turn them into reality step by step.

At Meindl Cavar Concepts, we combine the technical expertise of interior architecture with the aesthetic know-how of interior design. For more than 10 years, we have combined the best of both worlds to create our unique blend of services.

We see ourselves as partners for great interior design, bringing our customers’ visions to life.

From consulting to planning and design: here is an overview of our interior design services.

Interior Design für Ihr Projekt. Beratung, Planung & Gestaltung von Meindl Cavar Concepts.
Interior Design für Ihr Projekt von Meindl Cavar Concepts.

Need evaluation & consulting

In close cooperation with all project managers, we determine the needs. We come to you, listen carefully, and get to know your wishes and requirements. We take these into account during every aspect of the project.

Our job is to creatively translate your ideas and requirements into the design of your rooms. This includes research, inventory assessment, requirements analysis and design consulting. This information is the starting point for our creative and technical solutions.

Upon request, we are happy to provide a rough cost estimate before we start creating the sketch of the floor plan. This offers you the advantage of an overview of the project costs from the beginning and making sure they fit your budget.

Interior Design & Innenarchitektur von Meindl Cavar Concepts – Schönstil Interior aus Wien.

Draft ideas & floor plan sketch

The creative process has been kicked off! As of now, we bring your wishes to life. We look for materials and furniture and for colors, patterns, and shapes. During the creative process, we tailor everything to your specifications, and we turn your vision into preliminary images. A floor plan sketch provides additional support to illustrate the spatial planning. And then we talk about the draft designs.

Interior Design für Ihr Projekt von Meindl Cavar Concepts.

Interior Design & color concept

With feedback from all project managers, we continue to refine the draft designs to create a well-thought-out concept. This concept is your personal strategic tool. It contains all the components for the aesthetic design of your rooms, such as colors, materials, and specific features. You will also receive the blueprint and technical drawings, such as those for custom builds.

Gestalten Sie Ihr Interior Design Projekt mit Meindl Cavar Concepts.

Execution & implementation

For the implementation of the concept, we invite bids from contractors, if you wish, and handle all communication and create a clear project implementation plan.

Our presence on the building site ensures that all work is carried out with your best interests in mind and that all decisions are made in accordance with your wishes.

Interior design for your project

We will work with you through each stage of the project, until every detail meets your expectations. Whether at the office or the construction site, we work tirelessly to achieve your goals and make your space perfect.

Are you interested in pursuing your project with us? We look forward to hearing from you.

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