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Austrian Standards

Elegance in innovation. The desired interior design combines elegance, modernity and functionality. The result is an inspiring working environment where innovation and collaboration can flourish. The color scheme of the company’s corporate design was adopted and integrated into the new design in a modern form. Blush and beige dominate the basic colors of the interior, creating a calm atmosphere for employees. These colors provide an excellent basis for productivity and concentration. Specific accents in wine red and black give the space a dynamic touch. Furniture was carefully selected to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. The integration of plants and wood paneling creates a harmonious naturalness. The new office exudes a timeless elegance while underlining the professional image of the company.


Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, Marlies Findenig, Elisabeth Weber

Total area

314 sqm

Photo credit

Nicole Viktorik

Planning & implementation time

October 2022- March 2023

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