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Hotelzimmer im Hotel Der Wilhelmshof im 2. Wiener Bezirk.

Hotel Der Wilhelmshof

Artistic room experiences. At Hotel Der Wilhelmshof in Vienna's 2nd district, 30 rooms have been redesigned according to our design. The focus here is on art and hospitality. The rooms present themselves as unique galleries in which art permeates the room. Two color schemes, deep forest green and soft blush, accentuate the rooms depending on the room height. Particularly noteworthy are the sculptures by renowned artist Constantin Luser, which are suspended from the ceilings as floating works of art. In the bathrooms, Luser's drawings complement the sense of space in the form of wallpaper. Mirrors mounted around the corner with printed sketches by the artist create a three-dimensional effect and contribute to the special atmosphere. The aim was to offer guests a holistic aesthetic art experience and a feeling of coziness.


Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, Elisabeth Weber

In collaboration with

Photo credit

Renderings: Meindl Cavar Concepts, Photos: Der Wilhelmshof

Planning & implementation time

June 2023- May 2024

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