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Ganzheitliches Designkonzept für den Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch

Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch

Playful lightness. True to the guiding principle of Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch "We live education", books and school have been holistically integrated into the new design. The concept presents a youthful, fresh and homely approach, emphasized by playful elements and an exciting color scheme in orange and green. The entrance desk, made of stacked school books, conveys a playful reference to the corporate identity. A custom-made bookcase not only acts as a visual eye-catcher, but also as a cozy retreat. The bistro, also known as the Townhall, forms the heart of the office with market stall-like seating areas that create a communicative environment. A unique feature is the flexible partition wall, which was designed as a connect four game and promotes exchange and fun at work. The wall design, implemented by a renowned design agency from Tel Aviv, gives the rooms a unique touch. The project not only creates a creative, but also a productive working atmosphere that reflects the company's identity and inspires its employees.


Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, Marlies Findenig

Total area

1000 sqm

In collaboration with

Photo credit

Studio Való

Planning & implementation time

October 2022 - September 2023

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