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Loungebereich Siemens Linz Ausbildungszentrum

Siemens Linz Education Center

Training & design in symbiosis. The Siemens training center in the heart of Linz combines function and design in an inspiring learning environment. Based on the Siemens corporate design and the guiding theme of nature, the center presents itself in a youthful and fresh look. The numerous plants and the exciting carpeting create a visual bridge to nature. Hanging chairs invite employees to relax in the lounge area, while organic shapes and unusual ceiling designs create highlights. The laboratory area is bordered by workbenches specially designed for training, equipped with a conductive and acid-resistant floor. Comfortable design and homely elements create a feel-good atmosphere. Individually designed learning islands, equipped with switch panels and acoustic partitions, support focused work. Open shelf constructions not only make clever use of storage space, but also allow daylight to enter the room.


Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, Elisabeth Weber

Total area

750 sqm

Photo credit

DIA Interactive

Planning & implementation time

December 2022- September 2023

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